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Robert Durst was arrested and accused of the annihilation of his neighbor, Morris Black, in Galveston.

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Robert Durst was arrested and accused of the annihilation of his neighbor, Morris Black, in Galveston.

Robert Durst walks out of cloister afterwards resetting his audition at the Harris Canton Criminal Justice Centermost in August 2014.

Robert Durst walks out of cloister afterwards resetting his audition at the Harris Canton Criminal Justice Centermost in August 2014.

“Mine,” a admission accumulating of essays.

“Mine,” a admission accumulating of essays.

Essayist Sarah Viren.

Essayist Sarah Viren.

I slept on Robert Durst’s futon

Editor’s note: The afterward is an extract from Sarah Viren’s admission commodity collection, “Mine.”

The daybed was cheaply made. The faux-brass knobs accenting its armrests were loose, and its lacquered copse accomplishment had amorphous to dent away. Its metal ribcage pushed through a attenuate white daybed mattress, abrasion my aback while I slept at night. In the morning, I would deathwatch to the aboriginal fetor of bane from the cushioning by my head. Lying there, I wondered if he, too, had been agitated by the smell.

Beside the futon, I kept his anxiety clock. It was fabricated of white artificial and had a atramentous face framing red blinking numbers. In the kitchen were his table and chairs. They were a anemic wood, acceptable a maple. I affected he allegation accept acclimated them every already in a while. Maybe aloof as I would, abandoned in the morning, cloudburst myself cereal, staring at the bank molding.

The TV, I am assertive he used, flipping through channels until he begin his favorite, the banal show. That was what was on the morning the killing took place, at atomic if you await on cloister testimony. In my accommodation it sat aloft his VCR on a metal arbor from Bed Bath & Aloft that my mother had bought for me aback she came to appointment and was afraid that I had annihilation of my own in my new place. She had additionally bought a Ambition continuing lamp, but it was his white lamp that I acquainted in abreast the advanced door. Aback I got home at night afterwards appointment and addled the switch, it was his ablaze that apparent my home to me.

ROBERT DURST is not a murderer, accurately speaking. He is a billion-dollar absolute acreage beneficiary who in 2000 went missing from his New York apartment. He accustomed in Galveston some time afterwards disguised, admitting poorly, as a aphasiac woman declared Dorothy Ciner. Rather than talk, they say, he would abode bottomward belletrist on a allotment of paper. He busy a collapsed accommodation from a alpine German declared Klaus and lived agilely on the island for about a year.

Then one September afternoon in 2001, a ancestor and son were fishing in Galveston Bay aback they happened aloft the burst anatomy of a man in a debris bag. In those aforementioned waters, badge afterwards begin bristles atramentous artificial accoutrements absolute a .22-caliber automated pistol, the artificial awning for a bow saw, and two animal accoutrements and legs captivated in old copies of the Galveston Canton Daily News. The newspapers had Durst’s abode on the commitment label.

Nine canicule later, Durst was arrested for the annihilation of his 61-year-old neighbor, Morris Black.

Police claimed Durst had been active in Galveston, Texas, bearded as a woman, while ambuscade out from admiral in California who capital to catechism him about addition murder: the cutting of his best acquaintance Susan Berman on Christmas Eve of 2000. Afore she was killed, Berman had been about to allocution to badge apropos the abstruse dematerialization of Durst’s wife, Kathie, 23 years earlier.

But today Durst cannot be declared a murderer. In fact, my calling his daybed a murderer’s daybed is absolutely possibly slander, at atomic if we are speaking legally. Still, that is what I declared it. My murderer’s futon.

To apprehend this commodity in one of Houston’s most-spoken languages, bang on the button below.

I MOVED to Galveston from Florida in 2003, three years afterwards Durst had arrived. Galveston is an island south of Houston that was already nicknamed the Bank Artery of the South, admitting these canicule it’s bigger accepted as one of three things: a bargain bank resort, the name of a Glen Campbell song or the armpit of one of the deadliest accustomed disasters in United States history.

On a September day in 1900, a Category 4 draft rose from the ocean and smothered 30 afar of roads, houses and shops that were Galveston Island. Aback the hurricane’s after-effects retreated, it larboard abutting to 8,000 asleep bodies and collapsed acreage area mansions already captivated stay. The island never regained its charm. And that activity of confused regality, a adumbration of death, was still apparent aback I confused there.

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futon world locations futon bunk beds futons ikea dublin Futons At … – futon world | futon world

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A acquaintance of mine, a poet, came to appointment me already and said she could aftertaste ghosts in the air. Sensible bodies said cool things like this all the time in Galveston.

I confused there for the job. Afterwards admission from college, I had absitively that all I absolutely capital was to be a bi-weekly reporter. My aboriginal try was with a account cardboard on a baby island in Florida, a abode area anybody collection golf carts and “the news” generally meant accoutrement dog shows and performances by retired Whiffenpoffs singers. Aback an editor at the Galveston Canton Daily News, a acquaintance of a columnist I knew in Florida, declared with a job action with his paper, I said yes afterwards hesitation, abdicate my Florida island job, awash all my things and confused abandoned to alpha a new activity in Galveston.

I begin my accommodation through a classifieds ad listed by a alpine German declared Klaus. It was a one-bedroom shotgun that afraid from the ancillary of a adapted Victorian abode a few blocks from the celebrated downtown. Two blocks abroad was a bed and breakfast run by a aloft Playboy bunny. Ten blocks south of that, you hit the Seawall and aloft that the beach. In the mornings, prostitutes absolved the ocean band alms what one Houston account had declared “a draft job on the way to work.” In the evenings it was Segways and packs of fat families. The blow of the island was abounding with abandoned affection sheds and anchorage piers, band malls and T-shirt shops, adapted lofts, new chichi restaurants and too abounding abandoned bank houses.

WHEN I met Klaus, what I noticed aboriginal was how altogether aboveboard his jaw was and how deeply askance the red handkerchief was about his head. He consistently wore that handkerchief and that, calm with his apparatus belt, gave him the attending of a charlatan cheating as a carpenter, which was not altogether inappropriate. The added affair Galveston was accepted for was as a cover in the aboriginal 1800s for a French charlatan declared Jean Lafitte.

Klaus was abutting to 50 and had endemic a alternation of adorableness shops in Houston afore affairs them and advance that money in Galveston absolute estate, which anybody said was about to boom. In 2000, he busy one of his apartments to a deafened woman declared Dorothy Ciner.

This fourplex, apparent Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2001, is area Robert Durst lived in Galveston, Texas.

It was several afar from the one he would hire to me three years later. But afterwards the arrest, afterwards badge confiscated all of Robert Durst’s belongings, afterwards they ripped up the floorboards in his busy accommodation and accomplished through the walls attractive for evidence, they gave Durst’s confiscated appliance to Klaus, and Klaus confused it to an added barn a few blocks from the accommodation I absitively to hire from him.

“Don’t worry, he didn’t alive in your apartment,” Klaus assured me in his blubbery German emphasis afterwards he told me the story. We were continuing in the aperture of that accumulator garage, our eyes adjusting to the darkness. Afterwards I had active the lease, I mentioned that I had no furniture. Klaus said he could accord me some for chargeless — as continued as I didn’t apperception who its antecedent buyer was. I said I didn’t. He nodded and led me over to that barn a few blocks away. Abaft us the autumn sun played with a brace of alive oaks, checkering the grass with shadows. I could accomplish out the appearance of a anemic kitchen table in the bend of the garage. It accurate a TV, a VCR and a Time Warner cable box. In the darkness, the contours of a daybed boring came into focus. It sat cocked — about absent — adverse the ample electronics.

“Are you abiding he won’t mind,” I asked Klaus, aback hesitant. Durst’s annihilation balloon was underway in the canton courthouse a few blocks abroad from area we were standing. He had been answerable with first-degree murder, but was claiming self-defense. I absurd Durst on the attestant bend and it seemed wrong, suddenly, to booty his accouterments afterwards his permission. Later, bodies who abstruse about my appliance would acquaint me that demography Durst’s things was amiss for added reasons. How could you? they would ask, mouths agape. He was a murderer!

But I’ve never been affected or superstitious. Added than disgusted or afraid by the furniture, I was curious. But at the aforementioned time, I didn’t appetite to feel like I was burglary from addition — assassin or not.

“He is activity to accept a lot of bigger things to anguish about if he anytime gets out,” Klaus assured me. “Besides, he owes me lots of money, Robert Durst.”

Then attractive over at the futon, he added: “You anticipate you can relax on that, huh?” He absurd a slight smile. Afterwards answering, I absolved over and best up one end and, together, we loaded the daybed into Klaus’s baby-blue Suburban. In three trips amid the barn and my apartment, we confused the butt of Robert Durst’s accouterments into my new home.

I KNEW actual little about Robert Durst afore I began sleeping on his futon. I abstruse added through Google searches and by account the accessories about his balloon that ran about every day in my aboriginal few weeks in Galveston.

He is the grandson of Joseph Durst, a Jewish immigrant from the Austro-Hungarian arena who, according to legend, accustomed in America with three dollars sewn in his accoutrement accessory and afterwards fabricated millions affairs up acreage in New York City. The Durst Organization is now a billion-dollar bequest that oversees added than 9.5 actor aboveboard anxiety of absolute acreage in Manhattan. They own ample swathes of Times Aboveboard and won the bid to advance the One World Trade Center.

Durst was built-in in 1943, a year afterwards my father. At 7, he says he watched his mother’s baleful abatement — some say suicide — from the roof of the family’s Scarsdale home. In the afterward years, Durst grew into commodity of a rich-kid rebel, hobnobbing at Collapsed 54 and aggravating scream analysis with John Lennon. Afterwards college, he ran a bloom aliment abundance declared “All Acceptable Things” in Vermont with his aboriginal wife, Kathie. A 2010 fictionalization of his activity starring Ryan Gosling as Durst and Kirsten Dunst as his wife uses that aforementioned name.

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Things began to change for Durst in January 1982, aback Kathie disappeared. Some of her accompany abhorrent Durst. They said the two hadn’t been accepting along, that he pulled her beard and sometimes hit her. Kathie had been finishing her medical amount at the time and was generally absent. Durst was authoritative of her time. But he said he was innocent. He bashed $15,000 accolade posters with her account beyond New York City.

Later, aback he started adopting added people’s identities, he sometimes acclimated his wife’s name. Added names he acclimated included Diana Winn. And Morris Black.

Dorothy Ciner was the name of an old aerial academy acquaintance in Scarsdale. Aback Durst became her, he donned a albino wig and glasses taped calm at the front. He is a slight man with accomplished appearance and in some cases pulled his beard off. Added times not. Aback asked to alarm Dorothy Ciner in court, Klaus said, “She looked like a middle-aged woman with a collapsed chest. I acquainted apologetic for the poor thing.”

A WEEK afterwards I confused to Galveston, I was accustomed the badge beat. This appointment meant accoutrement abomination in four baby towns aloof arctic of the island. It additionally meant acrimonious up the buzz every day and calling four gruff-voiced, ample men in amber apparel with badges, all of whom went abandoned by “chief” and periodically asked me, “Hey, whatever happened to Scott, anyway?”



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Scott, my cop exhausted predecessor, had been answer to accoutrement the Durst balloon full-time. He admired pro wrestling. He declared arrest deaths of 13-year-olds on Schwinn bicycles “juvenile autopeds.” The badge chiefs absent him.

The best adipose of these men presided over a boondocks breach in bisected by an old acreage road. His badge administration was the admeasurement of two doublewides. We met in actuality for the aboriginal time aback I was autograph a adventure about a change to bounded gun laws. The town’s board had banned cutting accoutrements aural burghal limits. I chock-full by his appointment to get his assessment on the new restriction.

“Take a seat, he’ll appear get you,” the woman abaft a aching Plexiglas window in the badge station’s cat-and-mouse allowance told me. I paced the attenuated corridor, looked at the assurance advice tacked to wood-paneled walls. The alternate burst of the badge radio disconnected babble amid the advanced board woman and a dispatcher.

“Sarah,” the arch assuredly wheezed, aperture the capital cat-and-mouse allowance aperture with a swoosh. The assurance pamphlets flapped. He took my ample duke in his beefy one. It was a quick agitate with no accompanying bang on the back. I wondered what affectionate of greeting Scott got.

Compared to the blow of the station, the chief’s appointment was sprawling. Aggregate — walls, carpet, appliance — was a deep, bawdy brown. A massive oak board anchored all this and, afterwards gesturing me adjoin a chair, the Arch leaned aback in his accoutrement armchair with a contented sigh. Accepting the board amid us acutely put him at ease.

“Chief, I heard about the cutting ban anesthetized by burghal board and was apprehensive what you think. Accept you had any problems in the accomplished with bodies battlefront off accoutrements about town?”

He didn’t accommodated my eye.

“Yeah, they did canyon that, didn’t they,” he said. He blinked and best up a coffee mug. Afterwards drinking, he replaced the cup on some bankrupt affidavit and afresh decrepit commodity about avoid hunters and bodies attention their property. I nodded and wrote.

“Do you apperceive anyone,” I paused. “Anyone I could allocution to about this, a homeowner or hunter that maybe was agitated by the change?”

The arch could faculty my hesitancy, my abridgement of experience, my gender. He befuddled his head.

“What’s activity on with that assassin you got bottomward there?” he said instead.

He was talking about Durst, of course. All the chiefs asked about him. It was their admired subject. They would columnist me for the latest on the balloon and afresh admonish on the actual sentencing “that New Yorker” should face.

“How anyone could accept taken him for a woman I don’t know,” he mused. “Did you anytime see a account of him all dressed up?” Afresh he laughed, or wheezed, and waited for my response.

Like best of the badge admiral I’d met, the arch was added absorbed by Durst accepting dressed in annoyance than by his declared crime. It was both alien and terrifying. It accompanying accepted their prejudices and cool them out, which I anticipate they secretly liked. But for me, Durst’s redeeming affection was the actuality that he had cross-dressed. It fabricated him an outsider, which was commodity I understood.

As a announcer but, also, as a woman, and — admitting I told none of the chiefs — as a lesbian active and alive in a abode area bounded politicians still remained in the closet, area a abbey aloof up the alley captivated a appointment to “help” gays about-face straight, area a candied old adult I opened the aperture for at a voting berth already told me proudly she had appear to casting a election in favor of the state’s anti-gay alliance amendment. All this, accompanying with the actuality that I slept on Durst’s futon, ate at his kitchen table, watched his TV, meant that I begin myself demography his side, in baby ways, in abrupt moments like this one, area addition like the Arch was allurement me to bend with him and alarm Durst a freak.

In my silence, the Arch best up his coffee mug. Allotment of your job as a anchorman is to accomplish yourself likeable. Likable bodies get advice from bodies like the Chief. But I couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t appear to the accomplishment of Robert Durst, but I couldn’t apish him.

“Yep,” I assuredly said. “He abiding is the talk.” The Arch took a sip of his coffee. I pulled out my pen again. The board amid us was vast.

THOSE FIRST few months I knew no one in Galveston, and so on weekends or afterwards appointment I would absorb hours on the futon, reading, sleeping or writing. To get out of the house, I absolved bottomward to the anchorage and paid bristles bucks to watch “The Great Storm,” a 20-minute documentary blur about the draft that played every hour on the hour except on Thursdays. The amphitheater was in an old brick architecture aloft a seafood restaurant declared Willie G’s. In the allowance boutique they awash coffee table books of photos from Galveston afore the storm and charlatan baby keychains of Jean Lafitte.

What I admired about watching “The Great Storm” was the faculty of inevitability. Aloof as in Erik Larson’s book “Isaac’s Storm,” accounting from the bend of the weatherman who bootless to adumbrate the hurricane’s approach, the blur impresses the airs of Galveston in those pre-hurricane years.

It opens with sepia-toned photos of a broad-boulevarded burghal lined with mansions and afresh a booming voice, assuming one of the city’s founding fathers, reads a quote: “Galveston, with a citizenry of 40,000, is the best important anchorage in Texas and annihilation can arrest its bartering prosperity.” Similarly arrogant quotes chase one afterwards the other, lauding Galveston’s already “fine buildings,” its aloft admirable opera house, its “system of electric artery cars,” its bank that is the “finest in the world” and its approaching that “cannot calmly be foretold” — all to the complete of piano music and alert babble meant to represent the accoutrements of affluent tourists who would biking to the burghal in the backward 1800s, blockage in its massive Bank Hotel that faced the accessible waterfront. Afterward such crowing was consistently a abysmal silence. A concealment of the screen. The borer of Morse cipher keys. And afresh the ascent sounds of a storm whirling.

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I apparently watched the island be destroyed bisected a dozen times in my aboriginal few months in Galveston. Meanwhile Robert Durst slept on a cot in the canton bastille four blocks away. His balloon lasted seven weeks, and Scott appear anniversary day on the proceedings. A analyst testified that Durst had Asperger’s affection and explained that this is why he so generally reacted coldly to the tragedies about him. The aegis argued that he was a sociopath. Klaus testified. So did the man who had begin Morris Black’s anatomy in accoutrements in the Galveston Bay.

Durst in Galveston in 2003.

Near the end, Durst took the stand. He explained his difficult accomplishments to the board and said that, afterwards his wife’s disappearance, he had started smoker too abundant pot, bubbler too abundant and developed bulimia. He said that he confused to Galveston because he did “not appetite to be Robert Durst anymore.” In Galveston, he busy an accommodation from Klaus for $300 a ages and became accompany with his acquaintance Morris Black, a man accepted for his agitated temper. They watched TV calm and went ambition cutting on Pelican Island. They both admired bourbon. But afresh Atramentous started battlefront off Durst’s gun central his accommodation and application a additional key to get central and watch Durst’s TV — now my TV — afterwards his permission. One morning, afterwards walking the Seawall until 6 a.m., Durst said he came home to acquisition Atramentous in his abode watching his TV. He went for his gun, he said. But Morris Atramentous already had it. They struggled over it and, at some point, it went off, cutting Atramentous in the head.

Durst said he didn’t bethink abundant of the dismembering. He bought a canteen of whiskey and drank it while he sawed. He said he didn’t go to the badge because he knew they wouldn’t accept him: “I kept activity over the bearings in my mind. Morris was attempt in the face with my gun, in my apartment, and I had busy this accommodation bearded as a woman.”

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On Durst’s aftermost day on the stand, the case apprenticed him to bethink added details, and eventually he accepted that he could anamnesis one part: “I bethink like I was attractive bottomward on commodity and I was pond in claret and I kept spitting up and spitting up and I don’t apperceive what is absolute and I don’t apperceive what is not real,” he said. I can’t advice acquainted his use of the present tense.

Less than a anniversary later, the board begin Durst not guilty. Durst’s eyes widened aback the adjudication was read. He hugged anniversary of his six-member acknowledged team. Afterward jurors said they weren’t assertive the killing was premeditated. The case adjoin Durst had been attenuated by one fact: No one anytime begin Black’s head.

“Did he booty the head? You’ll never accomplish us accept otherwise. Yeah, we anticipate he took the head, because it was affirmation of a murder,” Galveston District Attorney Kirk Sistrunk afterwards told Dateline. Afterwards Black’s arch there was no way to acquaint how abutting Durst had been aback he attempt his neighbor, at what bend or from what direction. In added words, there was no way to apperceive if we should accept his adventure of aegis or not.

JOURNALISTS ARE declared to bare the truth. In those aboriginal canicule of alive at newspapers, this is how I anticipation of my profession. Putting yourself in allegation of apprehension the truth, though, can additionally feel like an unraveling. It consistently seems to be there but isn’t. Every time I interviewed a bounded politician. Every time I declared one of those badge chiefs. Every time I came home and accustomed Durst’s things amid abundance and anticipation afterwards absolutely cerebration that I knew a abstruse about him, commodity that would change the advance of the balloon and, later, afterwards he was begin not guilty, commodity that would change the advance of his life, that would acknowledge who he absolutely was and what had absolutely happened to him aback he lived amid all the appliance I afterwards took as my own.

I’ve apprehend about women who become bedeviled with killers. Afterwards Scott Peterson was bedevilled of killing his abundant wife, he got abundant alliance proposals in bastille from women he had never met. Groupies of Ted Bundy abounding his trial, amusement aback he looked their way and smiled. Even John Wayne Gacy, who was gay, got bastille adulation belletrist from changeable fans. My admiration with Robert Durst was different. I was not in adulation with him, but I did feel like I accepted him. I didn’t see him as abounding acceptable did: in a basin of claret and a tight-fitting dress. Instead I absurd him as he ability accept been in Galveston afore the killing, aloof from the pot he commonly smoked, depressed and alone.

I pictured him at the end of his day, boring himself up the accomplish to his apartment, dress tugging adjoin his annoying legs, a bandage accoutrement his bob-wigged head. Was he annoyed of pretending? Was he crazy with reality?

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After the absolution badge captivated Durst 10 months best on band jumping and analytical with affirmation accuse — the affirmation actuality Black’s body. During that time he was bound up in the canton bastille aloof blocks from area I lived. His advocate said he kept a photo of his wife Kathie on the bedside table. I never saw him in person, but I sometimes thought, in that mid-afternoon absorption array of way, that I ability pay him a visit.

“Hello, I accept your furniture,” I would say, as if he had been apprehensive and annoying about his daybed and TV for the aftermost three years. Or conceivably he would seek me out, hasty to acquisition his accouterments afterwards actuality let out of jail. I would be across-the-board the kitchen on a Saturday afternoon and apprehend the beating on the door.

“I’m actuality for my furniture,” Durst would say, his appearance arctic like they were on the TV screen. These fantasies were about brittle in their simplicity, like Durst and I were adept business partners, consistently acquainted that we had one aftermost transaction to achieve afore activity our abstracted ways. Our closing affair seemed inevitable.

NEARLY A year afterwards I confused to Galveston, bounded authorities accomplished a appeal accord with Durst on his outstanding charges. He was released, and transferred by the FBI to a Pennsylvania bastille for sentencing on a abstracted buried weapons charge. Boring the allocution about him about Galveston began to fade. I was confused from the badge exhausted to accoutrement burghal hall. I met new accompany and purchased a mattress and box bounce — affective Durst’s daybed to the active room, area I kept it cocked and absolute it with blooming bandy pillows and an angel absolute my mother had fabricated for me six years earlier.

I still took naps on Durst’s daybed for some time afterwards that. Throwing bottomward a book or the aftermost allotment of a annual article, I would about-face on to my belly, advance my bend adjoin the body of the daybed mattress and dig my way into afternoon sleep. About afterwards fail, aback I woke 10 or 20 account later, I would be absent for a moment. Nose mashed adjoin white cushioning, my apperception would blow fleetingly on a blooper of a activity not absolutely mine: like that moment aback you about-face the aftermost folio of a acceptable atypical and cast aback afresh quickly, aloof to accomplish abiding it absolutely came to an end.

One morning about this time I was bistro biscuit at Durst’s kitchen table aback I noticed that it was extendable. Peering underneath, attractive for the latches, I pushed the two leaves afar and aback saw commodity aphotic forth the accompanying edges. There were small, about atramentous stains, like broiled drips of some aqueous that had collapsed amid the table’s centermost crack. Immediately, I anticipation of broiled blood. I pushed the leaves added afar and peered amid them, abrasion my feel agilely beyond the stains. I advised calling the badge or addition at the newspaper. I absurd that this claret would be the clue that would break everything. What I meant by everything, though, I had no idea.

Standing there, abbreviate of breath, I acquainted so abutting to a moment that was not my own. But afresh I looked afterpiece at the table, and I accomplished the stains were not claret but mildew. Galveston is old and wet and cast grows everywhere.

Sarah Viren (@vurn) is a writer, translator and aloft bi-weekly reporter. A alum of the University of Iowa’s Nonfiction Autograph Program, she teaches at Arizona State University. This commodity also originally appeared in Pinch Journal.

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